which one to choose?

More and more video game products appear in the market these days.  Three of those which are the most popular are the Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and the Microsoft Xbox 360.  It is a headache for a lot of consumers to decide which one to choose.

   I’ve come up with the similarities and differences between the three products based on my curiosity, and here they are:

The PS3 has more similar functions as the Xbox, where both of them contain a console, a controller and a AV cable.  The two of them are operated with DVD disks; however, one thing that the PS3 is able to do, which the Xbox isn’t is that it’s available for Blue-ray DVDs.  Although the PS3 has slightly higher advantages than the Xbox, it has a higher price at the same time.  In fact, the PS3 is the most expensive product of the three–around $500-600.  The Xbox is $100-200 lower priced than the PS3.  The Wii is more different than the PS3 and the Xbox due to its type of games and the range of consumers.  Most of Wii’s games are involved with players’ whole bodies, which many players play them as play sports.  This is also the biggest benefit of it and the most important reason why it attracts millions of consumers.

   Nevertheless, the PS3, Wii and the Xbox are products that are created to give people fun and happiness.  Eather of them will be a good choice for consumers.  I’m really looking forward to seeing more video game products to be invented!



    Almost everyone owns at least one of the Apple products, such as  the Iphone, Ipod and the Mac.  What’s the next product that millions of people are looking forward to?  That’s right, it’s the Ipad!

    The same as what Iphones and Ipods do, the Ipad has a wide, touch screen body which contains Itunes, Safari, Youtube, App store, photoes, notes and many of the other functions.  It sounds like there’s nothing special about the Ipad; however, there is some additional functions that the Iphone and Ipod do not have–the Iwork. 

    The Iwork applications are the favorites of many Mac users.  It includes Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.  Moreover, the functions have been resighned for the Ipad, which means that Ipad users can create great-looking presentations, documents, and spreadsheets just by tapping their fingers on the screen.  How convinient that is!

    Now, the coming up brand new product by Apple–the Ipad sounds much more exciting right?  Preorder it online now to be the first one who checks out the Ipad!


Olympic and high technology

     What’s the most popular event going on now?  As everyone knows, it’s the Winter Olympic game!  I am so proud that it is held in Vancouver, Canada–the city where I live in.  In the past times, i never experienced such strong atmosphere; however, this year, i feel like i am really participating in the Olympic games.  This entry is titled “Olympic and high technology” because how i am so into the event is by technology.

     First of all, Downtown, Vancouver is full of the Olympic ambiance.  Canadian flags are all over the streets; everyone’s wearing the Olympic T-shirts, gloves and scarfs.  Suddenly, there are plenty of cars driven from other provinces of Canada and the U.S., and a lot of interesting shows are showned at night on Robson Street.  I’ve been going to Downtown three days in a roll, because i can’t resist the bustling atmosphere there!  As a Canadian, my heart pounds once Canada gets a medal, and I am impressed when everyone on the street screams for our country.

     Second, people who aren’t able to get tickets to watch the games can only watch them in one way–in the TVs.  I personally have a 42″ plasma TV, which i always have a lot of fun watching the Olympic games with.  Sometimes what shows on the TV are so real that i feel like I am watching right in front of the players.  When i went to downtown the other day, everywhere with a TV were surrounded by tons of people yelling”Go Canada go!”.  It’s amazing how technology is able to convey each game to everyone.  I love how the cameramen are able to do slow motion; whether it’s for a perfect motion that people want to recollect, or it’s for a failed motion that everyone wants to sigh for.  Thanks to people who invented camera and TV!

     Lastly, i wish Canada will keep getting medals, and wish everyone a happy new year!


Are Cameras Still Needed?

    As time goes on, more camera phones are produced by different cell phone companies.   The ones that catch people’s eyes the most are probably the ones from Sharp.  As everyone’s appreciated by the 2-mega cameras of Iphone and Blackberry, Sharp introduced their 10-mega AQUOS SHOT 933SH camera phone in May, 2009. 

     Wow, that’s almost the same megapixel as many of the newest cameras, such as the Canon EOS Rebel XSi DSLR Camera.  There isn’t that much of a difference between 10-megapixel and 12-megapixel; therefore, why would people not purchase a 10-mega camera phone with all the other functions instead of a 12-mega plain camera?  At least that would be my choice.  The truth is, many of the non-professional camera users don’t care about the other details of a camera other than the quality of the pictures taken by the camera.  That is also why cameras seemed to be not needed anymore.

     However, cameras would never dissappear, since there are still many photographers who are truly in love with professional cameras.  In conclusion, cameras might not be needed for non-professional camera users like me, but are still important for professional photographers.






     This week, I’m going to keep talking about details of interacting tools.   My mom left to China two days ago, and I realized more about interaction.  In my unconcious mind,the word “interaction” means talking; however, i found more ways of interacting recently while trying to get more chances to talk to my mom from Canada. 

     Just before the day my mom left, she created her first MSN account, and added me as a contact.  These were the two days where i learnt the most about MSN.  My mom liked to call me at around 9:30pm, which its my shower time; therefore, i always missed her call, and she always worried about my safety whenever i didn’t pick up the phone.  By the third time of this happening, i got a really good idea about how to solve the problem.  Each time before i needed to leave my phone for more than half an hour, i typed in what i was doing on my MSN personal message bar!  That way my mom knew exactly what i was doing and how long i was taking.  Most importantly, she could set her mind at rest at anytime.  Perhaps sometimes Mom didn’t have time to wait for me to call her back, she would leave me a message on MSN(either an online one or an offline one) to let me know what she wanted to say. 

     Apparently my mom and i lived far away apart , where I lived in Vicoria, and she lived in either Vancouver or China.  We always wanted to know about each other’s lives and how we were spending our spare times besides school and work.  Hence, we made an agreement to put pictures on Facebook each month in order to show each other our recent activities.  How we were making interactions this way was by commenting on each other’s pictures.  We could use it as a public chat board, and share our happy experiences. 

     One or two weeks ago, i heard a news about a teenager posting false information on Facebook and was caught to be in jail.  The boy claimed that there would be a bomb somewhere at a certain time, and warned people to be aware of it. He was doing it for fun, and thought naively that it was totally a joke; nevertheless, he was arrested a week ago because of spreading rumors.  This is a kind of interaction between the police and the criminals.

     Certainly, MSN and Facebook are my best friends now.  Basically, I am online whenever I’m awake.  I love these new, cool ways of interacting!


     It’s been two weeks since the course started.  As a person who doesn’t have many ideas about the internet and online blogs, I’ve learned a lot through Valerie’s videos and forums.  What an online course means to me is to learn by myself; nevertheless, i found that it means much more than what i think.  Sometimes an online course is harder than those which require attendance, because more participation and concentration are expected from students.  Most of the students, including myself, lack self-control for study.  Especially when on the internet, students tend to chat on MSN, check on Facebook, and play games more than watching online lectures and doing homework; therefore, it’s a great chance for me to practise self-control and to remember that only i can help myself with study, but not my teachers.

    After watching the two videos that Valerie posted, I feel like I’m suddenly full of knowledge about technology.  I never considered using so many online communicating tools for an online course, and I’m surprised how many ways there are for students and professors to talk through the internet.  For example, i’ve never heard of  Twitter  before taking this course, but now, I’m totally interested in using it and I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun with it.  It’s amazing how people can express themselves and communicate with the others by just writing blogs.  What’s even more amazing is that Twitter is called “the online SMS” now because of its convenience.  This doesn’t only show the high techonogoly of Twitter, it also shows the grwoing speed of the internet.  A few years ago, msn and cell phones were still the only tools people could use for chatting.  Just after a twinkling, Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other suppliers came out to give the high technology online world more coulours.  One thing positive is that, more and more online communicating tools are coming out in the future to serve people better with greater convenience.

     I was looking at George Siemen’s blog, and saw an entry that he posted called “Google and China”.  As Chinese, I am really concerned about the incident that China has been blocking many of the world’s largest websites, including Xanga,  Facebok, Youtube and now, Goole.  The only reason why they are blocking these webistes is that they contain contents and information about past events that China doesn’t want people to know.  Although it is agreed that China has improved a lot compared to long ago about privacy; however, blocking such large webistes is also blocking the views of all the Chinese.  A legion of news and different points of views from various countries are never going to go in any Chinese’s ears.  Hence, i think it’s quite an egogistic behaviour of China, since they are doing this only for the government’s own good, but brings a huge inconvenience for their people.

     There are a lot more knowledge i’ve learned from this course during the past two weeks.  Hopefully i’ll talk about more next week, and I wish to share opinions with all of you here soon!



Hi guys, this is my first entry of the blog, and i would like to introduce myself a little bit.:)

My name is Rain.  I’m a first year student in Uvic whom majors in Psychology.

 I completed high school in Vancouver, and I am looking forward to living in Victoria!

I’m taking this course to learn more about websites, blogs and everything posted on the internet.

To be honest, I’m not that great of a computer person; therefore, there will be hopefully a lot for me to learn.

Please feel free to leave comments and opinions on my entries.  I would love to be friends with everyone of you!:)

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